Business strategy

Business Strategy

In our company, the sales and marketing activities coordinate and cooperate together to improve sales performance and increase the speed of business growth. This department takes responsibility for designing marketing strategy including market research, product development, sales support and events scheduling. The proposal strategy must be compatible with the company objectives. It is confirmed with the directory managers before executing campaigns in detail. To perform a new strategy, it may need to add a new sector, make a new channel of distribution, employee more staff and experts.

The sales and marketing team search in the market to identify business opportunities and find customer needs. Moreover, they understand competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to protect our business with existing customers and find new prospects. The research is carried out by studying industry reports, analyzing market data on websites and contacting customers to survey their requirements.

Product development team is a part of the sales and marketing department. This team comprises internal and external products specialists that analyze product sales and recognize gaps in the market. Marketing staffs provide information about customer requirements and preferences to help product development team. This is performed to identify the features and incorporate in new products. Finally, the marketing department sets prices and prepares plans to launch the product.

Sales and marketing department plan and develop communication strategy to support products and services to customers. They design advertising campaigns, develop electronic marketing programs, create promotional content for the company website, publish and release product leaflets, product data sheets, company brochures and customer newsletters.

This department provides salesforce with high-quality leads by running advertisements and encouraging visitors to register their details in return for free newsletter or special report. Sales and Marketing department also prepares presentations for the sales team and supplies them with stocks of promotional material giving to customers and prospects. This department is responsible for organizing exhibitions, seminars, sales conferences or customer hospitality events. They plan the event logistics (i.e. booking exhibition booths and meeting facilities) and provide event material (i.e. displays, presentations and handouts). They also promote external events to customers to ensure successful attendance.

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In our company, the sales and marketing activities coordinate and cooperate together.

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